Wednesday, October 30, 2002

RALPHPETERSWATCH: Vodkapundit sends us toward new stuff from the great Ralph and we enjoy it because he gives the always-scary Donald Rumsfeld what for:

Last year, Rumsfeld was on his way to being a failed SecDef. He had alienated the military and Capitol Hill. His arrogance convinced him that the uniformed leadership had nothing to offer; his "whiz kids" were there to teach the generals and admirals what war was all about. He pontificated about defense reform, while neglecting the military's practical needs.

The 9/11 attacks saved Rumsfeld's job. He proved a great SecDef for the first year of the war against terror. A man transformed, he demonstrated exceptional crisis skills. In his press briefings, he became the no-nonsense voice of a resolute country. He won me over, as he won over millions of others.

Now, it appears that his success has led him to an imperial level of arrogance. He seems determined to impose two badly flawed policies on our armed forces, ignoring the judgment of the military's most thoughtful leaders. Either - or both - may prove tragic.

And he ends with:

Rumsfeld likes to strut upon the stage, projecting courage in his disputes with the generals and admirals. But guts aren't required. The law gives him the power to bully military officers. If he's a real man, he'll take on Lockheed Martin.

But don't count on it. It's easier to ignore the generals, then blame them when the body bags come home.

This Halloween, there's no doubt whose spirit will haunt the halls of the Pentagon.

Unlike Vodka I am way ready to believe Ralph on this because he is Ralph and I respect his opinion and am more inclined to trust him than Rummy. Plus nigh-personal attacks in the New York Post always work for me.

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