Saturday, October 19, 2002

MAGAZINEWATCHING: The new Reason (which goes on-line eventually) has a as-good-if-not-better-than-anything-I've-ever-read-in-Analog alternate worlds story by Charles Paul Freund about all these different Palestines. Our Palestine is mentioned briefly and is not portrayed as ideal--this being Reason, the alternate Earths where all the citizens of Palestine were peaceful and prosperous due to free-market values were the ideals. And it is hard to find fault with that.

The new National Enquirer has a report on a profanity-laced exchange between Jesse Jackson and Steve Harvey at a Rainbow PUSH fundraiser. The Enquirer reported it like this:

"It all started when Jesse overheard Steve say that some people--and here he used the 'n' word--were blowing the 'Barbershop' jokes about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King out of proportion," said the eyewitness.
"Jesse stopped in his tracks, turned to steve and said, 'Who are you calling a n-----?'
"Steve immediately became defensive. He tried to explain to Jesse that the dialogue in the movie was nothing to get upset about.
"Jesse pointed his finger and said it WAS something to get upset about because it was totally disrespectful.
"Then Steve accused Jesse of being a hypocrite.
"He said Jesse was publicly pretending to protect the honor of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., but in reality was really upset because a character in the movie said 'F--- Jesse!'--and laughed.
"Steve said, 'Let's just get down to it, dog! It's not about nobody but you! But you ain't s---!'"

People stood between them so a fight would not break out. Plus Alyssa Milano and Justin Timberlake are an item, Michael Jackson's nose explodes again and sniper coverage, all in the new Enquirer.

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