Friday, October 18, 2002

SMACKDOWN WORKRATE REPORT: Dean has written it, and posted it, so you can read it. A sample:

Undertaker is so hilarious as the tiny headed sad sack trying to convionce his wife that he isn't porking leathery and squinty strippers. Me -n- mulDOOMSTONE make each other spit beer out of our mouths making Jerry Lewis sounds while UT rambles on about all the girls he's fucked. HOYVIN GLAVINE! I'm SORRY, PRETTY LADY! OYV, I couldn't control it and now... it's getting little again... guuulllloyvin...


The Main Event was fucking BEAUTIFUL. Benoit and Angle are MAGIC and the crowd goes apeshit for Angle and Eddy feels it and goes completely Villano 3 rudo as a motherfucker. Benoit goes fucking crazy with the suplex-drenched ass-stomp and the Steel Reserve kicks completely in by the time the chair spots hit. Chavo- God bless him- gets soooooo smoked by everybody but is completely game about being beaten to death and getting out of the way of Eddy. This is wrestling you don't get anywhere else on earth and you should thank your lucky motherfucking stars that it's on your free TV. I know I do.

That main event did rule. And Dean rules for letting me put the yuks into this weblog.

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