Monday, October 21, 2002

THE ELECTORATE OF MY STATE STINKS WATCH: Lautenberg is up 8 points on Forrester, and the cynical ploy by Jersey Democrats to put a non-Torricelli candidate on the ballot to take advantage of a citizenry that votes blindly Democratic except when said Democrat has blatant ethics problems has appeared to pay off. How revolting. The question in my household is, why didn't the Republicans just go for tit-for-tat and draft mega-popular ex-governor Tom Kean? His cushy job can't be keeping him entertained. Probably because they're inept and ideologically inbred and couldn't get behind a real man's man like Bret Schundler for governor a few years back, so we got stuck with a complete hack like McGreevey in our highest office. My people, my people.

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