Wednesday, October 09, 2002

RECIPES FROM THE CANNOT BEAR TO WATCH/CANNOT TURN AWAY COOKBOOK: The Burger King 99-cent tacos are cheap, horrible addictive crap. I can't not like them. You can taste the cheapness of it when you're eating it--the overstewed meat paste, the thin, most-where-the-sauce-is shell, the sub-sub-Ortega taco flavoring, the single slice (it might be a half a slice, actually) of Burger King cheese that would cost 30 cents more if I wanted it on my Whopper. And yet, while you're eating it, you're telling yourself, "This is a 49-and-a-half-cent taco. It's PERFECT." For what they're worth, the BK tacos are incredible and I recommend them to one and all. Six tacos minus three bucks equals big, cheap feast.

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