Thursday, October 24, 2002

SPIRITED AWAY: Freaking ruled it. I still have the whole movie buzzing through my head the next day, the weird character designs, the scary witch with the giant Mardi Gras head who becomes less scary as the movie goes on. There was a lot of puking and some blood but none of it I would call gross--it's, like, aesthetic puking or something. And there's a giant sludge monster with a wizened old spirit inside. People get turned into animals and things like in Pinocchio but they get to come back from it, proving (again) that Miyazaki has much less severe and more generous instincts than Disney, the guy people are always comparing him to. The move moves from menacing into looking past menacing into a whole 'nother realm of fun and weirdness and takes you with it. I recommend it.

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