Wednesday, April 23, 2003

NBA PLAYOFF POST #3: Thanks to the CNNSI scoreboard.

BUCKS 88, NETS 85: MUTOMBO need more playing time! Smaller players INFERIOR to LARGEST PLAYER, MUTOOOOOMBO! MUTOMBO key to every victory IN HISTORY OF NBA!

WOLVES 119, LAKERS 91: I don't really expect this to happen again--Troy Hudson can never be this unstoppable again in his entire life. Unless he is. And the Lakers missed too many open threes that would've changed everything and given the Wolves more of an opportunity to wilt. So the first two games are a wash, with the Associate Lakers being on fire in Game One and Troy Freaking Hudson and Rod Strickland being on fire in Game Two. I expect both teams to resume normality in the next four games and for the Lakers to slowly grind this thing out. I mean--it would be crazy to get my Laker-hating hopes up at this point.

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