Friday, April 25, 2003

NBA PLAYOFF POST #5: All praise to the CNNSI scoreboard.

PACERS 83, CELTICS 101: Hey, the Celtics play with a ton more energy than the Pacers. I know I said I wanted them out quick before, but when they are on--or when Paul Pierce is on--they are good to watch.

NETS 103, BUCKS 101: This series, like all Eastern series, is kind of pointless, but it was neat to see Rodney Rogers clank two free throws and then get the rebound and a quick two for the win. The best part of the game was George Karl afterward, blaming the refs for the loss, saying that they missed Kenyon Martin beating up poor little Anthony Mason under the basket before Rogers got the ball. It was amusing when they showed Karl's comments right after showing Mason saying it wasn't any big deal. George Karl, as a coach....he's not so hot.

WOLVES 114, LAKERS 110: During this game you just got the feeling the Lakers didn't want to win--they didn't want to play at a high level and match the Wolves and win on their superior talent. They just looked tired and beat out there. Lakers in six.

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