Thursday, April 24, 2003

NBA PLAYOFF POST #4: Let's get to it:

HORNETS 85, SIXERS 90: Thank you for playing, New Orleans Hornets. No Mashburn and no Baron Davis means no fun for the Hornets, especially if the rest of the Sixers are going to step it up when AI isn't quite as hot.

MAGIC 77, PISTONS 89: The Pistons proved their point--that they weren't going to get beaten easily by a number 8 seed. I still think the T-Mac onslaught will prove to be too much in the end.

BLAZERS 99, MAVS 103: Welcome to Blazers First Round Exit Number 27. That team is such a symbol for high-level mediocrity--eternal playoff team, never a playoff winner or a team with a breakout season. I think they need to have a crappy season so they can get in the lottery and start again.

Thanks to the CNNSI scoreboard.

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