Tuesday, April 22, 2003

REPORT FROM THE PABST BLUE RIBBON FRONT: Fritz Schrank says that PBR never had the reputation of being swill--it was always finer than that. Pabst in fact had its own private Old Milwaukee back in the day--Red White & Blue beer, which I vaguely remember but I haven't seen anywhere in years--and the only place I ever saw it was grocery stores in west Michigan. Again, though, I don't think the gist of that Post story was that PBR is crap and that's why the kids like it; the kids like it because it's somehow a product uncorrupted by marketing in a commercialized society. Like, it's more legit now as a working class beer than say Bud is, because Bud's working class image is a product of its commercials and the way it advertises, whereas the unadvertised, unremarked Pabst simply is. You can't argue with it.

Weisblogg has more. I'd tell you where, but Marc would have to have permalinks for me to do that.

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