Tuesday, July 13, 2004

BUSY BUSY: Will be three-quarters of the way through summer physics I on Thursday when I take the second exam. I know I said it was easy, but that's just because I studied. It's easier than I thought, put it that way. I'm not getting killed with physics. Still--need to get to work. Easier GPA points don't come this way too often, pardners, so we got to nip this blog post in the bud, Andy!

I'm also getting distracted because my monthly comics packages came in and I finally got my copies of the middle half of the Earth X nonsense, the two volumes of Universe X. It's the middle part of the trilogy, so it goes on and on quite a bit. The art kind of stinks at points; Captain America's death lacks whatever Captain America's death should have. But it continues to wrap up every plotline in the Marvel Universe ever--Micronauts! Moon Knight! Rom: Spaceknight!--so it's fun just in the "thrill of recognition" sense. And it's always readable, even when long-winded. Plus I recommend any comic book that contains Machine Man dragging the Supreme Intelligence across the surface of the moon. Good old Marvel Universey fun.

Boozergate continues. He says he never agreed to anything, just said he wanted to be in Cleveland, and that they were trying to get him on the cheap. Meanwhile Pelinka has dumped him. Boozer really needs to deny this statement, which has been widely attributed to him, if he wants to get on anybody's good side: "If you respect me by not picking up the option, I'll show trust and loyalty to you by signing with you." I know Gordon Gund is megarich and not worthy of that much sympathy, but he's old and frail and blind and it's really hard to not be sympathetic to him in this case. Even if he and Paxson really did pull a boneheaded move.

Only 90 minutes left until Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Clipper.

Little more than that and I have to go to bed. Excuse me, Internet--I must get back to work.

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