Wednesday, July 14, 2004

THE MULTIPLICATION OF SEXUAL FANTASIES: I imagine there used to be a time when, if you wanted to fantasize about the cute girls in the front of your physics class while your well-meaning instructor is going on and on about some minute detail, you could only picture yourself having sex with them. In today's world you can also picture what a lap dance would be like with one or possibly both of them, or, for that matter, what they would perform like as adult film stars (though this is less likely where I live.) It's just as unlikely as finding yourself randomly having sex with them, which means it's just as likely as having sex with them and is, as such, a perfectly reasonable way to fantasize about the girls in the front of the class.

My point is, pre sexual revolution, you only had this one set of sexual fantasies. Post sexual revolution, you also have this Stripper set of fantasies and this Pornstar set of fantasies, any of which can be applied to the object of your fleeting affection. Any of which is also a possible role for her, though now it's a private fantasy of her being a publicly available fantasy, which is still a private fantasy but of a different type. At least with me, the fantasy roles are applied with various degrees of success: the girl you see yourself in bed with is not the same girl who you see giving you a fabulous lap dance.

This is important in some way. I'm not sure what. Somebody really needs to tell that one girl in the front of my class how lucrative the honorable profession of exotic dancing is, though.

Some non-pervert points:

--Shaq trade finally goes through. Bill Simmons tells you why this is bad bad bad for the Lakers.

--Kobe makes his decision tomorrow. The Clippers traded a couple of people away to clear up cap room. Could be good sign. Could mean nothing. But if Kobe really wants to press this "I, Jordan" thing as much as he always has, he's gonna want to go to the non-entity Clippers like MJ went to the non-entity Bulls.

--Kupchak: "We have no idea whether Kobe will come back." Smoke? Truth? Meaningless until Kobe signs somewhere.

--We finally placed the little brown cat--one of my dad's patients took the little fella. I got home and he was gone, feeling like I was ten and the dog had died and the parents didn't want to tell me. Anyway...

--In the background right now: MST3K, the San Francisco International episode. The one with like five Urkel host segments in a row. I laugh out loud upon repeat viewings.

Physics test in the morning. Will let you know if degree of difficulty remains low.

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