Monday, July 19, 2004

ONE POST A DAY. WHAT HAPPENED TO ONE POST A DAY?: I fell asleep. Sue me. For falling asleep. Go ahead and sue--no jury in the world will convict me. I got rights.

No posts since July 11th. Jim is pulling a Slotman.

I'm not sure I like the group-style blogging over at Eschaton. The joy of Atrios' site was always Atrios: his put-downs, his very un-Instapundit self-deprecation, his contempt for the other side. The subs are good, don't get me wrong, but only Atrios slings the partisan venom the way you and I love it slung.

I'm glad Daze still checks my site out sometimes.

After Abortion on the Amy Richards flap. K-Lo says Richards is a feminist activist of some kind, so she (Richards) really was just living her life to match her politics, and not the other way as non-nuts do. I got to the Corner via a link, by the way; I never read it, or shop at Costco, unless forced to. Yes, you have to be following the Richards flap to get that joke.

A more minor flap is the Identity Crisis flap. I haven't read the second issue yet, but the stupidity of Issue One--let's kill someone off to get people buying this thing! I know--SUE DIBNY!--has been upped to epic stupid proportions in the second issue, where it is revealed that Sue was raped by Dr. Light. Not the female Japanese one. The goofy Silver Age one. The one who was a one-note joke in the current Teen Titans cartoon--remember that, Time-Warner? Of course you don't; you're a vast, self-contradictory media massmind. Neilalien gives you links. What's going to happen when Marvel and DC run out of established characters to abuse? There has to be a theoretical limit, like when people say we've got fifty years left of fossil fuels. What would you say, we got twenty years left of Sue Dibnys? Fifteen? Ten? Actually, the Hurting sums it up nicely. And has the evidence so you can judge for yourself.

More fictionblogging from Jer. Get back to writing about hookers! BOOOO! Get to the good stuff!

Hopefully, I'm kidding.

Links great! Less thinking! Or something.

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