Monday, July 12, 2004

FIVE MINUTES 'TIL MIDNIGHT: Must get blog post out.

11:55. Got nothing.

11:56. Hardball repeat is on in the background. How about that Ron Reagan Jr. speaking at the Dem convention? Wheels keep coming off the Bushwagon.

11:57. Remembered I wanted to post about that somebody said to me they have to watch the HBO shows and I had no night of the week devoted to a set of shows like that and the accompanying time commitment. But then I remember Sunday nights. Aqua Teen. Sealab. Birdman. Brak.

11:58. Was still writing that bit above.

11:59. Countdown to Tuesday. Getting a little less than six hours shuteye tonight. Howard Fineman is the man as far as talking heads go.

12:00. Happy Tuesday. Thank god for gimmick posts.

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