Saturday, July 24, 2004

THE OLD SEALABS WERE SO MUCH BETTER: Yes, that is so very geek to say. But the ones with Erik Estrada and Captain Murphy--that was the perfect cast. The new Texan captain lacks Murphy's earnest idiocy, which was of a completely different kind than Stormy's earnest idiocy.

There is an expression that goes or means something like, everything works out for a reason. And this expression is bunk; nothing happens for a reason. You are allowed, however, to adjust your impressions of your own experiences so things do, in fact, work out for a reason. Just in case you were wondering about that.

DA leaving ESPN? Holy crud! Obviously, the most credible NBA reporter anywhere is the most credible NBA guy on ESPN, where the only other guy who is at least partially credible is Screamin' A. Smith (read his columns sometimes, he's generally pretty articulate and reasonable.) I really hope he goes to TNT--the best NBA network--and does not become a Murdoch employee in his (Murdoch's) hideous push to take away market share from an ESPN that's been coasting for years. Via the DVDVR. If TNT gets him, I do wonder where they'd use him, actually; it doesn't seem like he'll naturally fit in with the EJ-Kenny-Charles banter.

I listed EJ first coz he's white. Gotta represent. Holla! And I'm sure glad ESPN put their chips on Stu Scott. He's not annoying in the least. Nope. Not one little bit.

I'm drawing a blank. It's looks like this is it, oh Internet. And hey--let's be careful out there.

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