Monday, July 05, 2004

WEEKEND WRAPUP: I ate a lot. Oh--something unusual. Let's see...

--Did my physics homework that I've been putting off (it's my usual school/work thing of going to class then work, and doing the schoolwork on the weekends.) It all made sense to me as I did it. It is always questionable, though, if this understanding can be applied to a test-taking situation.

--Read The Illuminatus Trilogy after one of the Reason dorks recommended it. I'll tell you what--it does not have a terrible coherent plot. What it does do (and this is really great) is create this sort of world where everything you thought was really really true is not true. And--worse yet--the things you were assuming to be true are lies told to you to keep you enslaved. Pornographic sex and massive drug consumption are offered as ways out of the traps the Illuminati are setting, but even when you get on the other side things still aren't hugely better. The world is all madness and we've known that for generations, and the Trilogy illustrates this by lumping a whole mess of conspiracy theories into one volume. And there are some really funny Ayn Rand jokes, and a great James Bond parody, and it, overall, oozes 70sness from every word. The book does have the overused rich industrialist/con man/guru who is in way too much science fiction, though.

--Missed playing any skeeball at all due to the above two items.

--No hot chicks at the hotel this year. My family rents the same motel every year for our family confab shindig and last year there was this tall, gorgeous Asian girl with this little wiry white guy--and his parents! (I assume.) Few words were exchanged between gorgeous Asian girl and wiry white guy, leading to endless speculation on the true nature of their relationship. I was thinking "extremely high-priced call girl" but for the parents' presence. Then I went on to "mail order bride" due to the fact that wiry white guy always walked a bit behind gorgeous Asian girl and took in all her bags (and those of his parents) while she sat in their room and seemed vaguely worshipful of her. Contrarian logic, I know, but could these not be seen as the actions of a wiry white man whose intimidation by women was so significant (but his need for them so deep) that it could only be overcome in the marketplace? Yes. Yes, they could be seen that way. Would not a woman who had been promised a better life in a foreign land now make sure she had one? Yes, she might.

I should add that most of the endless speculation was on my part. I am a sad, sad man. And now you, oh Internet, are that much sadder.

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