Sunday, March 26, 2006

A PLEA TO BURGER KING: Hey! Listen--I generally like your product. I like the chances you take in your advertising campaign--I'm sure you understand how disturbing the guy in the "King" suit is, but you're running with it anyway, doing a promotion about a thousand times better than those milquetoast McDonald's ads. ("I'm loving it!"? Yeah, how much did they pay someone to think that one up?) But please--if you're going to have the Veggie Whopper available as a standard button to press on all your registers, please tell your new hires that it exists. I know you don't want it on the menu, for whatever reason. I know you don't advertise it. Maybe you have too much invested in the horrid BK Veggie, and you don't want to admit failure right yet. Whatever your reasons are, I understand them. Just tell your own people that you 1. sell this sandwich, 2. that it's cheaper than a Whopper (I've had people try to charge me full Whopper price for the Veggie), and 3. that it's definitely not the BK Veggie. Thank you.

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