Sunday, March 03, 2013


Ugh yes this:

Okay, look, the Onion tweet nor the outrage isn't that hard to understand. But I can explain quickly.
1) It's clear the intent was straight irony, because it *should* be true that Quvenzhané Wallis is so clearly adorable that saying otherwise is a joke, like saying, "Man, that Al Gore needs to start caring about the enviroment." 2) Sadly, the author clearly didn't realize that in our sexist and racist environment, the adorableness of Quvenzhané Wallis is, in fact, controversial and a lot of people actually do deride her. 3) The joke was made assuming one context that wasn't true, and upon realizing this, it was retracted and apologized for. End of story. This isn't hard to understand. We've all said things we thought were clear irony only to find out otherwise. It happens.

(Timely reporting as ever here at the Blogistan celebrity news desk.)

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