Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Yessss remembered to update before the year ended! My lifestyle limits my ability to much of any old timey, typing-into-a-white-text-box active blogging (as opposed to passive Tumblr-style reblogging) but I do want to stick to a rigorous once a year posting schedule. What do I remember about 2014...

#CancelColbert was kind of dumb.

#Gamergate was pretty dumb, but possibly not worse than Hitler. (#godwingate)

I seem to remember a consistent theme in a lot of older Hong Kong films was that the cops and the gangsters were essentially competing armed gangs. American cops are increasingly becoming an armed gang, answerable to no one. Had a fantasy that all indictments that involved a police officer--you know, in a criminal way, where a cop assaults or kills someone--be handled by some sort of completely independent prosecutorial entity. Maybe a federal thing? Eh, but that creates its own problems.

Snowpiercer, man. POLAR BEAAARRRRRR

Let's all be prosperous in 2015.

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