Monday, November 08, 2004

ANOTHER THREE TEST WEEK: So don't expect a lot from me. But if you're still not over the election, I invite you to shake that ass, bitch. Via the DVDVR.

The tests:

Histology: Always the wildcard in this curve-based class: will I do well enough in reference to my classmates to get the A? It's a bit harder this time, now that we have to identify different parts of the small intestine based on how they look microscopically.

Biochemistry: Our first-time-teaching-this-class professor has been erring on the side of kindness lately, which I hope continues this week.

Microbiology: I have 21 extra points to play with heading into this exam with three hundred eight points out of a possible three hundred points to my credit overall. My wily strategem may be to study harder for biochem, given my excellent situation here.

There you go.

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