Wednesday, November 03, 2004

WELL. AT LEAST THE NBA IS BACK: And what was Stern thinking anyway starting the season yesterday? Did he think the non-voters needed alternative programming? How completely goofy.

Anyway--so I've read and heard a bunch of post-mortems, about the Democrats being so out of touch and the rightward turn and divided America and Kerry couldn't differentiate himself enough and Bush's simplicity and how the Republicans represent average America (which seems to mean non-Northeastern, non-West Coastal, non-Great Lakes America--all of natural body of water-free America, actually, is "average" America) and the Democrats do not. But I think the simple Steve Sailer explanation is the best: "It was a repeat of 2000, except that the country shifted about three points to the right, most likely due to 9/11." There you go.

This--from Yglesias--is funny.

I mean--I kind of wish they had nominated Dean and lost big, rather than go with a guy who was "electable" but didn't really change the dynamics of the race at all. But whatever. I'm resigned. America has rewarded a completely fucked-up war in Iraq and I don't understand it all but--whatever. Maybe we won't really invade Iran.

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