Wednesday, November 24, 2004

IDENTITY CRISIS: I'M STILL NOT SOLD: I picked up 3 through 6 today because everybody's talking about it and nobody can figure out who Sue Dibny's murderer is. Your suspects are thought to be:

Ray Palmer
Dr. Light
Ray Palmer's ex-wife

And right now Ray Palmer's ex-wife is looking the most likely in my book, even though she, like Ray, has zero motivation to kill Sue. Hopefully the final twist will at least solve the murder mystery angle of ID; it seems DC is going to answer the other dangling parts (the Luthor suit, Firestorm exploding, Captain Boomerang's mother--and more) in a bewildering array of crossovers. But with the speculation amped up like it is, I don't know what Meltzer can do to satisfy everybody.

Anyway. Is this thing good aside from the hype? Does it hang together well? I can't judge it yet, but with six issues in the bank and one to go I should be able to--that's how much hinges on whether this thing is wrapped up convincingly or is the second coming of Zero Hour. Green Arrow's been done well. He's probably the "star" of IC, if you had to pick one person. Ralph....has been a blubbering mess and so has not been making with the detective work, yet I've read Meltzer quotes hyping Ralph's investigative skills so--again--one more issue.

And for some reason, everyone's drawn like they have glass eyes. It's weird.

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