Thursday, November 18, 2004

SECOND GROUP OF TESTS: And the great full time student/full time office drone experiment continues.

Biochemistry: My percentile grade was atrocious, but so was everyone else's, so it worked out okay. Our professor can't decide if he's evil or not, so he gives weird tests and then inexplicably adds on extra points afterwards. I have a high B+ right now and that's the bottom line.

Histology: ANOTHER class with the bad percentile/good in reference to everyone else dynamic. I felt our professor's disappointment was directed more at me as I shed 25 points from the first test to this one. I could not bring myself to mention that I was just coming back from my grandfather's funeral that day so I had an excuse for being out of it and not studying as much as I would have liked. But it was a crappy excuse since I was coasting from my fabulous grade in the first test anyway, even before my grandfather's death.

Did I mention that? No, I didn't. The funeral was last Tuesday. A few of my Michigan cousins came in and there was this clash of cultures thing at the service as we would alternate between solemn bible readings and my dad's eulogy and my Michigan cousin belting out karaoke hymns. It was hard to sustain the proper emotion during Amazing Grace played in this sort of 70s-motion-picture-soundtrack way.

So I did not bring this up. What would the point be? You can't make up a histology test--you can't ask your professor to set up 25 microscopes again. And I was slacking anyhow. Let's move on, as Bill Simmons would say.

Microbiology: Eh. No idea what I got. Our professor's been away with undisclosed "family issues" and hasn't posted any grades yet. I only needed a 42 on this to maintain an A average.

Genetics: I had an awful feeling after this one, but everybody else did too which made me feel better the next day. The class average was 50 percent, so you knew we were getting a helpful curve on this thing. Mine worked out to a B+ which doesn't tell me anything since our final grade is based on our final point total in reference to the rest of the class. But there you go.

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