Monday, November 22, 2004

A TOUCH OF THE ALL-NIGHTER: Which is what happens when you wait until 8 o'clock PM the night before the biochem quiz to get your studying mojo on. Or--alternatively--what happens when your mojo takes its sweet time to materialize out of the scholastic ether. Either way, the structure of ATP is not entering my brain in a timely fashion.


Simmons had his take on the Pacers-Pistons fans brawl and he pointed out that maybe if Ron Ron had actually gone after the right fan, it would have mitigated his sentence slightly. And he's right; the fact that he charged in there and knocked somebody down without seeing who did it means he's nutty. We always knew he was nutty, but not in a blindly charging in there kind of way. We didn't know he was Stephen Jackson nuts, in other words.

ESPN went all Zapruder film on the brawl and pretty much consclusively proved that white hat-Wallace jersey guy--the guy who grabbed Artest from behind while Ron was inquiring if the first man he attacked did it, and then got in some punches on Ron from that position--was the beer-tosser. (Interestingly, another piece of debris looked like it was being launched at the same time from another part of the court. It didn't hit anybody, I guess.) He has a name: John Green.

A questionable election in the Ukraine goes for the Kremlin's boy. NO!

I stopped reading Identity Crisis due to not liking the whole death-and-rape of Sue Dibny thing (and in hindsight, if you're going to slag Meltzer for that you have to slag Alan Moore for that too--Watchmen also had a prominent rape) but people are still talking about it incessantly so apparently it is following through on its promise and its hype. I personally smell a big Matrix: Revolutions-esque letdown. In that spirit, here's a well-thought-out conspiracy theory saying it's Jason Todd back from the grave who is the killer. And from the same poster at Newsarama, a more likely post saying the Calculator is the killer. I think the evidence suggesting Ray Palmer did it is a feint by Meltzer.

I'm sorry if somebody got "spoiled" by reading this. But if you don't want to get spoiled, stay off the friggin' Internet.

Back to how phosphoenolpyruvate really really wants to donate its phosphate to ADP.

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