Thursday, November 25, 2004

THE "ORANGE REVOLUTION": Good times in the Ukraine, it seems like, with the people en masse deciding they were sick of the way the country was being run (as is explained here) and descending upon Kiev in a completely peaceful way. Fistful of Euros (which has been my main Ukraine blog) is somewhat pessimistic this morning, though, noting that there are many Ukrainians who would like to be more tied with Russia, though not enough to have won the election for Yanukovych. In other words, the election was fraudulent, but it's not like the whole entire nation wants Yushchenko. You should read that whole Fistful post; the situation is more complex, it seems, than just corrupt authoritarian government, oppressed people, etc., even if they are sticking flowers in the shields of riot cops. But whoever they had on All Things Considered today was saying this was a genuine Revolution, so we shall see.

Read The Periscope and Foreign Notes too.

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