Monday, May 10, 2010

AS LONG AS I'M LINKING TO LGM LATELY: Here's part of Scott Lemieux's initital reaction to the Kagan pick: "When you’re reduced to noting that a prospective nominee for the highest court in the land is a “brilliant conversationalist” and that other Harvardites think she’s good people, one has pretty much conceded that the pick is Ivy League nepotism of the worst sort. " Yep! Scott also notes that the Miers-Kagan comparisons are not about qualifications exactly--obviously Kagan is more qualified (though I still think she's underqualified, leaving aside that being a Larry Summers protege should render somebody unqualified for any national-level office) but about the Right having a freakout when Bush nominated somebody without a record of supporting right-wing principles. For some reason the Left is not going to have a unanimous freakout, even though Kagan is a careerist cipher with little public record to judge her bonafides. A shame, that.

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