Monday, May 24, 2010

NOW I DON'T WATCH A LOT OF LOST BUT: Is it a problem that the afterlife universe has nothing to do with the island? Other than it was created by the people who were on the island together. I guess if you want to claim "Lost was always a character piece!" then it's fine, but I always had the impression that people watched Lost (even more than Battlestar Galactica) to try and figure out the various mysteries of the island, at least as much as they watched for Jack and Kate or whoever.

Speaking of BSG--this makes me appreciate that disliked-by-me finale a little more. At least they tried to do something a little different. And they had sentiment but they didn't spread it on thick as peanut butter like Lost did at the end. I mean the BSG afterlife is still a total mystery, you know? In Lost we spent a whole season being dead.

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