Monday, May 31, 2010

GOD BLESS WINDOWS VISTA. NO--GOD DAMN WINDOWS VISTA: For resetting the power settings or the presentation settings or whatever else it does I haven't noticed yet every time Windows Update does its thing. Well--probably not every time. Annoying, though.

Whatever. Via Amanda Marcotte's Twitter here is an article about fundamentalists attacking a woman for having the temerity to not have her father give her away at her wedding.

Since the complaints are typically accompanied by references to how much the father must have sacrificed and paid over the woman's life, it's hard to escape the economic interpretations of the practice of giving away the bride: the father has essentially bought and paid for the woman and now it's his prerogative to hand her over to the next man who will take economic responsibility for her. Walking herself down the aisle sends the message that she is independent of her father, selfishly taking credit for his work and money and disrespecting his role as head of the household.

Ummm...Happy Memorial Day!

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