Wednesday, May 05, 2010

THE DOUBLE DOWN AS A TRIUMPH OF MARKETING: I've mentioned this before but now I'm willing to embrace the idea that the Double Down is 1. not that bad for you and 2. it's success is playing off that you're doing something you're not supposed to--screw the health police! eat a bacon and cheese sandwich where chicken breasts are the "bread!"--but which isn't that bad. I mean, if I get a grilled double down with a side of green beans--is that that much different from some chicken parm and a nice salad? I don't think it is, aside from the bacon, and I have Bacos on my salads anyhow. It's just grilled chicken with cheese! With no opportunity to add extra mayo, or any starch carbs. But it's ALL MEAT! BE A MEAT EATER! says Yum! Brands. So don't fall for it. Enjoy the Double Down because it's tasty, and not as bad as a comparable chicken sandwich. That's what I do anyway.

(Note: the preceding done without any nutritional research. It's a blog post! I'm going on "gut feel" or "common sense," which have been the essential tools in the blogger's bag of tricks (along with mixed metaphors) since time immemorial.)

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