Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WHEREIN POSSIBLY FOR THE FIRST TIME I APPROVINGLY LINK TO SULLY APPROVINGLY LINKING TO BOBO: But man-o-man I am convinced by anti-Kagan arguments. For me it's as simple as--if you have two equally confirmable candidates--Wood and Kagan--and one has a demonstrable history of liberalness, and the other basically knows all the right people (who may or may not be liberal, but are definitely Democratic machine mechanics)--why are you picking the latter? Why are people supporting the latter? Just because Barry and Larry Summers said do? I mean come on. And I can sort of appreciate having an open mind before the hearings begin, but I'm not sure why anybody thinks we're going to learn any more about Kagan from them. She's spent decades avoiding taking stands--she's not going to give up the game when she's this close to SCOTUS.

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