Sunday, May 02, 2010

THIS STUPID HARVARD RACIST E-MAILER THING: Isn't this just the left-wing equivalent of--say--noting that that bio professor who went postal in Alabama was Harvard-educated? If she's going to Rutgers-Camden, or even Rutgers-Newark, nobody cares. But since it's Harvard and this person is allegedly closer to the levers of power or something, I'm supposed to care extra? Well, sorry, sunshine, but I still don't care. This is just a big pile-on on an entitled kid, and I hate entitled kids as much as anyone else but come on. And it's just Harvard. Yale has inflicted far worse entities on the nation--couldn't you wait for one of them to go racial in an e-mail to get your righteous indignation undergarments in a twist?

And I rampantly dislike piling on some stupid kid's e-mail and outing her just because she's at Harvard (and that's what this all boils down to--she's at Harvard, so it's okay!) From the slugs at Gawker one expects this sort of shitheadery. But I wish more thoughtful commentators would at least address the issue that shaming some kid based on her private e-mails is, um, morally ambiguous.

Please do read Thoreau's plea for mercy for her, and then his analysis of her factual incorrectness.

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