Saturday, May 22, 2010

IN A WORLD WHERE EVERY FRANCHISE IS THE GREEN BAY PACKERS: (Exaggerated for effect.) I give you English soccer:

As Blackpool prepared to challenge Cardiff City for access to the stardom and riches of the Premier League this week, the town turned tangerine. Streets, shops and roundabouts were decked out in club colours, and a flag flew from Blackpool Tower. Almost all the 37,500 ticket allocation is sold, which means a third of Blackpool's population will be inside Wembley today, willing Ian Holloway's team to victory.

And the Pool goes up to the top flight beating Cardiff 3-2. English soccer is most exciting at the promotion/relegation margins, I think. I mean I really don't care about the billionaires paying the millionaires at the top of the standings.

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