Friday, July 30, 2004

MEDICAL SCHOOL DRAFT DISCUSSION POST #2: Unless anybody has a really bad feeling about it, the final product will be something very close to Draft #4 below. No, this isn't a cheap attempt to UP~! my PROSTATE~! Wait--yes, it is.

Things I can see maybe doing different:

--I'm talking about the things that could be wrong with me as an applicant as a rhetorical device, so I can say why they are, in fact, things in my favor. Maybe I should go a little less negative in the beginning. I feel like John Edwards comparing the Bad Rich America with the Good Poor America. Because Bad Rich America is bad bad bizness.

--More specifics would be nice. But in my case going into specifics verges into the realms of making stuff up. And that's no way to run a medical school application.

--I dunno. Talk about pornography a little more, I guess.

The prostate joke is intentional.

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