Monday, August 16, 2010

LET THE ANTI-ANTI-HIPSTER BACKLASH BEGIN HERE: I guess all the people giddy over the fact that Scott Pilgrim tanked are the general audience version of the critics who were judging the audience, not the movie. I just don't get the hipster objection to Scott Pilgrim--when did comics that weren't done by Clowes or Ware become hipster properties? It's this Michael Cera person, isn't it? See, I never saw Juno or Superbad so there might be legitimate reasons to hate this person (I certainly have never wanted to see Juno, which did not look like something I would like from the descriptions I heard of it) but there is no legitimate reason to hate Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim. What other Canadian are you going to get to play Scott Pilgrim anyhow? Jim Carrey?

Anyhow, box office doesn't matter anyway. You anti-Scott Pilgrim Hate Squad people? You guys are actually hilarious.

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