Thursday, January 16, 2003

NBA LINKAGE: I love the David DuPree chat transcripts, the guy's always pulling out the nuggets of wisdom you don't hear anywhere else. Like this:

Singapore: Hi Dave, What do you think? Eric Musselman as the coach of the year? These Warriors seem to be heading in the right direction. Jeff

David DuPree: Hi Jeff
I said in a story earlier this season that I thought Musselman was the perfect coach for that team. He's young, yet very organized and he doesn't play favorites. You earn your way with him. Of all the young teams in the league that aren't winning yet, I think the Warriors have the best chance to turn things around the quickest.

Or this:

hannover, germany: Hi David, seems there are a couple of interesting topics this week. Is MJ still an ALL-Star? Even if fans like to watch AI and TMac, if you'd ask the players, I believe he'd get 100%! But one thing that's kinda hard to understand, where is the problem in LeBronn's mum buying an expensive car for him, even if it's on loan? I mean he is most probably up to an NBA career, if she wants to bet on it?! But maybe there are certain rules that I don't know, you are the expert, maybe you can explain?! Thanx alot! marco

David DuPree: Hi Marco
I think you're right about Jordan. I think he will be on the team, and if Vince Carter can't play, which it looks like he can't, I think Jordan will be named the starter. As to the LeBron question, I have a lot of problems there. If he came from a wealthy family and his mother bought him the car, no one would say anything, but since his mother isn't wealthy, everyone wants to scrutinize everything he does. She took out a loan to buy her son an expensive car. That's between her and the bank. They're the ones taking the risk. It is nobody else's business. Now if an agent or a college booster or someone like that co-signed for it, we have a problem, but to the best of my knowledge that isn't the case The bank isn't stupid. They see this kid will be a millionaire soon,so they loaned him mother the money for the car. They'll get their money and probably a lot more business from the James family in the future.

And this:

Sumter, SC: Did Vince Carter hurt has value by coming into the league displaying nothing but dunks, rather than displaying the skills he had to lead his team to the finals?

David DuPree: No. I think he actually surprised people with his all around skill. The trouble is he isn't the type to lead his team anywhere. He is more of the No. 2 guy. He'd be a lot better if he was playing with a star and he wasn't the star.

Also this:

Mexico City, : David, It seems to me that Shaq, aside from his continuous ill-timed comments, simply does not prepare physically or improves in the off season. Makes you wonder how great could the guy really be if he committed to stay in shape and improve his game every year like Kobe does or Jordan did? Not that he´s not great already though! What´s the deal with Mrs O´neal?

David DuPree: He just has other interests and isn't as committed as Jordan or Kobe. Those two are the exception, not the norm, and comparing normal people to them is risky.

"Those two are the exception, not the norm, and comparing normal people to them is risky." That's so great--what people don't always understand about Jordan is that he was, and is, kind of a crazy. I think Kobe is a little less crazy so he won't ever get to Jordan levels of opponent/teammate intimidation, plus the newly zoned NBA won't allow a repeat of the Jordan One-Against-Five style like it did. But--yeah--Dupree rocks.

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