Wednesday, January 22, 2003

YOUR LATEST MOMENT OF POP SCIENCE JOURNALISM: The pill changes womens' taste in men:

Psychologists have found that women who are taking the pill tend to fancy macho types with strong jaw lines and prominent cheekbones.

However, women who are not taking that form of contraception seem to be more likely to go for more sensitive types without traditionally masculine features.

The researchers, from St Andrews and Stirling Universities, believe it may even be possible that taking the pill encourages women to have relationships with inappropriate men.

They presented women with images of different types of men, and asked them to pick out potential long-term partners.

They found those taking the pill were more likely to choose macho men, and to rate men with more feminine, softer physical features as a turn off.

However, the researchers say it is these men who tend to be more sensitive, and more likely to making trustworthy and faithful husbands.

The researchers then added "Men--quite like ourselves, in fact" and substituted phone numbers in place of the usual list of citations. Via GoodShit--now with even more Aria Giovanni. Say, how do you supposed porn use changes male taste in women? Wait......

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