Wednesday, January 22, 2003

YAO-SHAQ I: I finally watched my copy of that game and it was pretty great. It had playoff-like atmosphere and as the ESPN lead announcer (I think it was Mike Tirico) pointed out every Rockets-Lakers matchup for the next few years will have this atmosphere. How cool is that? Thing I noted:

--Yao blocking Shaq's first three shots was great theater, though one of them looked more like Eddie Griffin getting the block than Yao. Just a really entertaining game, and it was great it lived up to expectations, unlike Mavs-Kings and both Nets-Kings games. Maybe Kings-Lakers are the only big hype games worth watching.

--Tom Tolbert and Bill Walton are perversely entertaining; Walton breaks out with his hyperopinions that Tolbert has no choice but to deflate. At one point, after the Lakers scored, leaving the Rockets with a slight lead, Bill came out with something like: "Things slipping away for the Houston Rockets now, how can them stem the tide?" Tom: "It's just one basket." And then a long silence.

--Rick Fox fouled out. That I like.

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