Monday, May 24, 2004

HONEYMOON PERIOD: It's when you get a new job at work (not a promotion, per se; more of a lateral movement) and it's still fun doing these rote duties that are not hugely different from your old rote duties. At least I have a cooler title now: REGISTRAR! Hey, just because Registrars were the data entry people of the 19th century does not mean the term does not lack a certain cachet, even here in the early days of the 21st century. Just think of all the good feelings that could be generated by turning Data Entry Specialists into Data Registrars. Of course, this cheapening of the term "Registrar" would constitute a grave threat to our society.

This Chalabi stuff is getting more fun. I think Ahmed Chalabi is like the Howard Dean of wannabe Iraqi strongmen in terms of having way more support on the web than he was ever going to have on the ground. Which means lots of cyberfun ahead as various people have to squirm their way into whatever their new relationship is with Ahmed, Hero to his People.

Reading this one would think that the only blogs that exist are political ones. Hey, there's 4 male poliblog readers for every 1 female one--quite the stripclubesque ratio. That may be mere coincidence.

All I got.

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