Friday, May 28, 2004

SOMETHING INTERESTING CHARLES BROUGHT UP DURING THE GAME TONIGHT: KG isn't getting any calls, but given the way the NBA works and given the people he's playing against, how is he ever going to get any? NBA refs are well known for giving veterans leeway, and Karl Malone, GP and Shaq are all made men as far as that goes. Only Kobe doesn't get an inordinate number of calls--thankfully, since a lot of those ridiculous shots he takes would be bailed out by fouls if he was, in fact, the actual Michael Jordan and not the pretend Michael Jordan. So who's KG going to get calls against? Not 50 year old ref-milking Karl Malone. Who has never been more annoying than he is right now. You look really cool when you're pointing down the court when a foul goes against the Wolves there, Karl. I just hope you remember that Derek Fisher saved your crappy championship season when you were doing your usual clutch-time choke job there in Game 5 against the Spurs.

BITTERNESS. Not that I feel much anymore, watching these playoffs. It feels like the past two or three years after the WCF, except that this year the second round was the best round. It's all perfunctory now. Maybe the Pacers and Pistons realize this on some level, which is why their series has lacked for energy. They know what's coming.

This Bill Cosby flap--I mean, the Cos is just another cranky old man at this point. Michael Eric Dyson can call it "generational warfare" but that's just an inflammatory way of saying cranky old manhood. He probably would want those kids "with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack" to STAY OFF HIS LAWN if there was any chance anybody could get near his lawn. Did you hear the clips, anyway? It was pretty much classic Cos in terms of delivery, though part of the cranky old man thing is that you can't tell if he's being funny or just crusty at this point. Whatever. Eff all you all. The Cos made all our long car trips far better than they should have been and you will applaud politely when they leave his microphone on, and think of routines past. Come out--FAT ALBERT.

I wish to correct the previous post, which implied the city of Seattle was in Oregon. The city of Seattle is, in fact, in Washington. Right above Vancouver. We regret the error.

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