Wednesday, May 19, 2004

THINGS TO DO: Have to organize that there life, son--can't just let it slip through yer fingers. Have to:

--Get my undergrad transcripts in to the centralized osteopathic and allopathic application services. Should send them in to the pharmaceutical one, too, though it may be a little early for that. With four institutions under my belt that is quite the laundry list I will need to pass on as proof of a decade of comical academic meandering.

--Decide on my schedule for the fall. Yes, it's early, but I should settle it now--my next prolonged break is in late August when classes will be filling up. We're looking at Genetics, Histology and Microbiology this fall, folks. We're looking at quite the rosy jaunt through Hades. Yes.

--Get working on my applications for the centralized application services above. I hope years of Office Drone status count as some kind of valuable life experience that a decent institution needs to bring balance to its student population. Frankly, I think I have a lot to share with those around me concerning Sitting On One's Duff, Internet Tomfoolery, and The Joy Of Expensive Pens You Didn't Pay For. These are things that--that you don't learn in school.

--Apply for GRE? I'm not sure. I need a back-up plan if professional school doesn't work out, and a Master's would be a way to do it. Then again, I don't know what I would qualify for as a lowly bio major with not a lot in the way of esoteric knowledge or research experience. But if I don't get in I really need to keep taking classes, if only to avoid getting dumber.

All for now.

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