Monday, December 24, 2001

HOLY CRAP!: Somebody bought my ad off the top of my page. Is this the big media conspiracy? Rupert Murdoch? Gerald Levin? Ted Turner? To whose opinions do I now have to kowtow --maybe not right away, but subtly, slowly, until I am simply a mouthpiece for the party line? (That's quasi-paraphrasing Philip K. Dick at his paranoid best around the end of Radio Free Albemuth.) I guess this isn't an Insovent Republic anymore. My Mystery Benefactor has my thanks.

UPDATE: Mystery Benefactor revealed to be Brian Linse of AintNoBadDude. Thanks, Brian! Now all I need is a Mystery HTML Benefactor to tell me where in my template I can go to change the color above here from blue to something else. Anybody?

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