Friday, December 21, 2001

MURDOCH IN CHINA: Apparently James Murdoch's Falun Gong anti-pimping has impressed the cadres sufficiently, since Rupert Murdoch and Star have been granted a license to broadcast to a wealthy portion of China. Do you think they do the same self styled purveryor of honest journalism/actual serving a previously-underserved conservative audience schtick they do here? Cause it seems to me the Chinese version would have to me more liberal than what they have now and not less, or else it's just one more version of what they already have. Right?

On Fox News in particular, I guess I'm of the school that they're just finding an audience turned off by Jennings-like nth-degree impartiality. I just hate the fact that a geriatric Australian knows the American tv-watching audience better than the native media barons. Or maybe I'm just bitter about Wendi Deng. These two are married? I type the sound of gritting teeth.

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