Friday, December 21, 2001

WHO SMUGGLED IN KHALID AL HARBI?: A Ken Layne reader points out differences between the Washington Post and ABC News versions of the Bin Laden tape. One says Iranian police smuggled the Saudi dissident Al Harbi (the legless guy, right?) in, the other says the Saudi police did. The former is against the usual wisdom about Iran, that it's a Shiite nation strongly suspicious of the hyper-puritanical Wahhabi Sunni Saudis, so it's just kind of weird. The latter makes more sense; the stories about a gulf between what the Saudis say to us and what they say to themselves are becoming pretty common. This would be one more log on the fire. Ken also suggests attacking Saudi Arabia, which makes more sense than attacking France. Though it's doubtless much less difficult.

Ken Layne also has a link to his friend Tony Pierce's blog. This is a good blog. It's not a blog I could do, but it's a very good blog. Current stories: hockey fights; Tony Pierce's life; monkey drinks Coke.

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