Tuesday, December 25, 2001

ONION COMET, ONION CUPID, ONION DONNER AND BLITZEN: Here's a little Christmas entry from The Onion:

Parent Mad 6-Year-Old Didn't Like Peanuts Special
ROSE HILL, VA—Bruce Pillard, 34, was angered Tuesday over his 6-year-old daughter's indifferent reaction to A Charlie Brown Christmas. "That show is a classic and an annual tradition!" an incensed Pillard told daughter Courtney after watching the program on CBS. "It is not 'boring,' and the voices do not sound 'weird.' What the hell is wrong with you?" Courtney was then sent to her room for the remainder of the evening.

I love the Peanuts Christmas special myself and look forward to it every year, but I was wondering when I watched it this time how dated it could get. There's two really dated references, to bubble gum cards (is Topps still making that nasty gum?) and to aluminum Christmas trees (that I've never seen at the K-Mart.) Everything else is Beethoven and Bible quotes.

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