Thursday, December 20, 2001

QUESTIONS OF THE HOUR: From Andrea See's blog:

"Questions: do you save? Do you have a savings plan? Does a bank (or something similar) take care of it?"

ANSWERS: No, no, and no. I have been plan-free for years and reading this commencement address I stumbled across while researching an economics paper made me think I really need to get one. Ten percent of my income I'm supposed to save? I really need to get cracking.

"Not that I'm really expecting answers from anyone (rather personal subject, this), but I was just thinking about it. I was brought up fairly privileged, and am a bit of a spendthrift. Trying to plan my life (for the next six months, anyway) has brought that into sharp focus: I can't faff around, I need savings to live reasonably comfortably."

Being a total spendthrift brought up semi-privileged myself I can't help but agree. My current dumb plan is to get a decent income by acquring better job skills and hence greater marketability via further schooling. It'll take a while, but I'm kind of okay in science and I figure it's about time I put my brain to good use. And --wow-- Andrea can plan six months ahead --something I can only dream of. Two weeks is about my limit right now.

"This whole 'adult-responsibility' thing is a bit of a nose-wrinkler."

TOTAL nose-wrinkler. Maybe self-discipline is the only good answer, even if it's the least fun. I dunno.

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