Thursday, December 20, 2001

NEW JERSEY NETS LEAVING, MAYBE: Thinking of going back to New York, in fact, where the franchise started back in the ABA. Here I thought that new stadium in Newark was a done deal. Not that you can really blame them, attendance for the Nets has usually been fairly stinky --and for the Devils too, who actually have been good for a while (except this year) so we can't use the Nets-stink argument to explain the fact that nobody shows up. It's just the apathy, I guess, of the citizens of my home state. Or maybe people will pay to see a good Nets team (basketball being more popular than hockey) and a good Nets team is what we now have, thanks to the Jason Kidd trade. We'll just have to sit everybody down and explain to them that --brace yourself-- the Nets are good this year and see what happens. So maybe that's why YankeesNets is pressing the issue, as opposed to when the Nets stunk: now they maybe can blackmail a new building out of the state. But I can't imagine any New Jersey governor standing up for one of our franchises, though I would've loved to see what Schundler would have done.

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