Friday, December 21, 2001

IN THIS HUNDREDTH YEAR OF UNCLE WALT: The Midwest Conservative Journal offers this comment:

EUROPE LAND - Forget the European Union. According to this Robert Kagen column in the Washington Post, Europe ought to declare itself a historical theme park, make every European a park employee, charge admission and be done with it. The Euro could be the European Disney Dollar or something.

Now I read the article in question and don't see that exact suggestion being made. I am, on the other hand, pretty dense. BUT that doesn't stop it from being a really good idea. At least that would keep them out of trouble and from conquering the world anymore. (See Instapundit's defense of Euro-bashing. But then Glenn shoots Euro-bashing in the foot by putting up pictures of the all-new all-different Swedish Bikini Team.) All we'd have to really watch out for is replacing all the citizens with robot doppelgangers and we'd be all set. Thank Michael Crichton for pointing that out.

What else have we learned from Michael Crichton? Let's see--

--Cloning dinosaurs is bad.
--Alien artifacts are bad.
--Some, but not all, monkeys are bad.
--Alien germs are bad.
--Never work in an E.R.
--Never buy Japanese products.
--Sexual harassment cuts both ways like a knife.

There you go.

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