Monday, December 31, 2001

WHEN YOU FALL OFF BLOGGING FOR A FEW DAYS: And you haven't been online for those days, you don't know where to begin when you get back. I'll just do my own personal what-I'm-catching-up-on watch:

Glenn Reynolds brings the United Nations Bosnian brothels story and the science fiction authors poll on Slashdot. God, none of those guys were prophetic.

Tim Blair has the first 2002 Blog Watch. And a little bit of Fisking.

Joanne Jacobs brings Hitchens' latest from the Atlantic.

Shouting Cross The Potomac has Tony's temp diary.

Brian Linse and Samizdata continue their discussion on guns.

ESPN sent Bill Simmons to a meaningless bowl game in Houston. In that article Simmons also points out that they're not knocking down the Astrodome, merely building the new stadium right next door. Cool. I mean, shouldn't the Astrodome be a national historical site or something? All the other giant ashtray-esque stadiums of that era are gone or going to be gone (like the Vet in Philly).

Moira Breen has a takedown of a goofy article and brings this story about al Jazeera.

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