Monday, December 24, 2001

META BLOGGING: Dawson wonders (in passing) if there's a better word for "one who blogs" than "blogger." We could go with "blogman" but we'd have to change it to "blogperson" eventually (or "blogfighter" or "blog carrier.") Same with "bloggerman." I dunno, I like blogger, and I contend that the spread of blogging is directly related to the use of the word "blog" over the word "me-zine" --which does not roll off the keyboard. Nor can you make into a verb easily. ("Blog" is like "smurf" in this regard.) And what sounds more intriguing: Someone calls you up and you say "Hey, I'm working on my blog" or you say "Hey, I'm working on my me-zine." Me-zine sounds dorktacular, blog strangely fascinating and --dare I say?-- manly. Of course, once you explain that you're goofing around on the Internet you've immediately moved into the lonely, windswept plains of nerdistan. But at least you can hold it off for what, seven seconds? Maybe.

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