Sunday, August 01, 2004

I SHOT THE SHERIFF: I pulled the trigger. It was me. The applications are now in. I will not bore you with the okayness of the final essay; suffice it to say, it looked remarkably like this. It wasn't perfect, but my parents and the the lady I work with (who has read her share of these) liked it. It needed to be done. An application submitted after July 31st just isn't early anymore, even though most school's deadlines are in November.

Yep. Now it's just a waiting game. Sitting back and letting those acceptance letters and invitations to hear more from me, but in person this time, come rolling in. Just sit back and wait......FOUR TO SIX WEEKS?! Bite me, AMCAS! You too, AACOMAS! You high and mighty acronyms, think you're so cool....

As an experiment in anal-retentiveness I printed up all the admissions information from the schools I'm applying to, put them in individual folders, and organized them by region in an accordion file. So when the aforemention interview requests start rolling in, I will be like so prepared.

That's it. I won't burden you with all the schools I applied to, I stuck mostly around here with a few shots in the dark around the country. We'll see.

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